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Robinhood es una aplicación de comercio libre que permite a los inversores intercambiar acciones, opciones, fondos negociados en bolsa y criptomonedas sin pagar comisiones ni tarifas.

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Gráfico de fallos de Robinhood 06/01/2020 11:50

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  • sofalof5 Danny (@sofalof5) reportó

    @AskRobinhood Responded. Please help - My account is restricted from buying and I need this resolved @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood

  • enutroFesreveR ReverseFortune (@enutroFesreveR) reportó

    Jazzed about being approved to fractional invest on @RobinhoodApp. Purchased several quality shares this morning. Excited about owning a small piece of Brk.A (Berkshire).

  • _dylan77 𝕯𝖞𝖑𝖆𝖓🩸(GAROU GANG) (@_dylan77) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood anyone considering using @RobinhoodApp (Robinhood) for trading stocks, you should rethink.. This has been an absolute nightmare.... trying for a week to withdraw my available funds from Robinhood and cannot get ANY type of help at all!!

  • JohnSerwach John (@JohnSerwach) reportó

    @mcm_ct @RobinhoodApp Hits blunt, “**** Robinhood”🤣

  • AndrewWilley12 Andrew Willey (@AndrewWilley12) reportó

    @AskRobinhood won't help you, if I sent you a link to the @RobinhoodApp Don't Use It! They will not help you with anything for weeks. There is not a broker with worse customer service, look it up.

  • Damonskis You (@Damonskis) reportó

    Missing out on thousands of dollars @RobinhoodApp please fix my account please direct nessage me

  • THEAaronCaldwel Aaron Caldwell (@THEAaronCaldwel) reportó

    Please don’t use @RobinhoodApp they allowed someone to create an account with my information and have done NOTHING to resolve the issue. They have put in financial security at risk and they don’t care.

  • Packey_ Patrick G (@Packey_) reportó

    I don’t understand why you guys can’t do system maintenance when the markets are closed. It’s such an easy fix @RobinhoodApp

  • AndrewWilley12 Andrew Willey (@AndrewWilley12) reportó

    @AskRobinhood will not help you, no matter what you do. All I've received is a fake response in my dm with zero follow up questions. @RobinhoodApp has taken thousands from me, and won't let me touch it. Beware, they won't help you. I think it's a scam possibly.

  • HeyCLB TheCLB (@HeyCLB) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp and @AskRobinhood iIf anyone is considering using @RobinhoodApp (Robinhood) for stocks, you should reconsider. This has been an absolute nightmare....trying for a week to withdraw my available funds from Robinhood and cannot get ANY HELP from customer service.

  • mikengophoto Mike Ngo (@mikengophoto) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp The new color schema is horrendous. Let’s focus more of keeping your service up during high volumes trades. Who every came up the idea to change the color should be fired and those who signed off should follow.

  • emily_reeves24 a hummel left on the radiator (@emily_reeves24) reportó

    @Buzzy555 @PowerhouseGym @RobinhoodApp @YouTube @corona educate yourself before tweeting your bad opinions about the protests. you don’t have the context or the range to discuss these issues.

  • realitybiasnews Reality Bias News (@realitybiasnews) reportó

    @djmixmastercash @welldonekp @RobinhoodApp I'll keep posting anything that I think might help. Keep in touch and stay safe. All these ******** ******* up everything in the streets will go home and they'll be embarrassed. We will build a better tomorrow.

  • garnwall Garner Wall (@garnwall) reportó

    @MrConRem @RobinhoodApp Here’s the facts, if your not spending it on anything you absolutely need then your very bad at managing your finances. Invest your money, that’ll lead to success.

  • only4areal1 Fitzgerald Holt (@only4areal1) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp @AskRobinhood @bprafulkumar @vladtenev FIX THE DAMN GLITCHES!!! Jeeeeeez ! I keep experiencing glitches about how much I made or lost!!! INACCURATE INFORMATION IS A VIOLATION OF YOUR OWN TERMS AND AGREEMENTS...

  • TeeReverTee T-reverT (@TeeReverTee) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp why do my tweets to you about how you don’t have any customer service keep getting deleted.

  • TeeReverTee T-reverT (@TeeReverTee) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp hey, if anyone is working support could you please reach out to me. I have been emailing your company for 2 weeks.

  • Billsuperbowl Reasonable man (@Billsuperbowl) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp need help

  • tommyoughton slim thick (@tommyoughton) reportó

    **** @RobinhoodApp. I’ve been in green for weeks & now they cancel my 300$ transaction and now are quite literally deleting my stocks off my portfolio while for the past 3 days they’ve had access to another account of mine which is also in the midst of transferring money.

  • Haje Haje (@Haje) reportó

    @NedCoBos @RobinhoodApp Breaking things when it comes to people's money is bad for PR and due diligence.

  • AshlandCorner1 Ashlandcorner (@AshlandCorner1) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp I’m having some issues opening up an account with you and I not receiving the needed customer support and it’s very frustrating to say the least.

  • Train2ETRAINSP1 E TRAIN SPORTS #Deplorable (@Train2ETRAINSP1) reportó

    @JerseyKidPicks @Fingrz692 Fractional shares @RobinhoodApp help the casual investors Even myself buy smaller quantities @$875 bought 10 shares I've never bought 10 shares of anything in my life LOL But it was a nice way to get a piece of the action Let's see it split!! #KTOV = 2000 shares #JERSEYKID = $

  • pyskell pyskell (@pyskell) reportó

    @r_ross_campbell @RobinhoodApp Worst of both worlds

  • r_ross_campbell Ross Campbell (@r_ross_campbell) reportó

    @pyskell @RobinhoodApp Hope to see solution. Weird to see notice ‘we ain’t insuring this, Buyer Beware’ and ‘oh, also um... you can’t withdraw, yolo’

  • Chris_todd44 Chris Todd (@Chris_todd44) reportó

    I’m tired of betting on KBO. I’ve decided to move my funds to @RobinhoodApp and start day trading. Not a bad first day for CTglobalinvestmentsllcinc.

  • VBhakta3 Vishal Bhakta (@VBhakta3) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp hello, please help

  • minasy2011 Minasy2011 (@minasy2011) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp my shares are missing from my accout worth $1700 . I had over 800 shares and only left 224. Help pls . Where I can sent screen shot of my account and history

  • PootLoops PootLoops (@PootLoops) reportó

    @colemanlawrence @RobinhoodApp Hey man, I don't know what happened, but don't tag me! I'm not affiliated unless they want me to be. I assure you they will handle your problem in time.

  • VirajDeshwaI viraj deshwal (@VirajDeshwaI) reportó

    @RobinhoodApp It becomes hectic when there is no instant support and our money disappear suddenly from trading account. It is frustrating when we have no clue of where is our money. I need instant support. #marketplace #RobinHood #Investment #YahooFinance

  • joseph_kjar Joseph Kjar (@joseph_kjar) reportó

    Hey @Robinhoodapp, thanks to you, I'm about to miss my 06/03 funding deadline for the down payment on a home. On 05/11, I attempted to withdraw my cash for the payment; this was "rejected", and I immediately opened case 06453701. A simple withdrawl == a huge mess. 4 days to go...