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Gráfico de fallos de 12/05/2022 19:00

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  • Website 22.97% Website
  • Plataforma de Trading 8.11% Plataforma de Trading
  • Retiros 1.35% Retiros

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  • anarft1 Anar (@anarft1) reportó

    @FOREXcom Your powerful platform is not working when important NFP numbers came out.

  • GemTan5 Gem Tan (@GemTan5) reportó

    @FOREXcom To anyone who want to trade and want a indicator that already indicate the entry TP/SL pm me im willing to help

  • richbl8a Richard Blumenfeld (@richbl8a) reportó

    @FOREXcom yen falling knife falling crash 0000””””

  • kirkcbrown Kirkland Brown (@kirkcbrown) reportó

    Why does it take @FOREXcom several weeks to provision a @LiquidityConn virtual private server? Several requests were made with no response! Be better!

  • richbl8a Richard Blumenfeld (@richbl8a) reportó

    @FOREXcom Euro Knife crash.42!!

  • richbl8a Richard Blumenfeld (@richbl8a) reportó

    @FOREXcom euro knife crash.42

  • richbl8a Richard Blumenfeld (@richbl8a) reportó

    @FOREXcom Euro knife crash.41

  • Hubbub707 Stephen (@Hubbub707) reportó

    @FOREXcom Does this happen often during volatile moments? Any steps taken to increase server capacity etc? Also what's the UK number to phone to manage positions?

  • mlotf Mehdi Lotfalizadeh (@mlotf) reportó

    @FOREXcom You really need to improve all your platforms. They all crashed today morning when CPI was out. All platforms, including the web one, and the mobile app crashed for about 20 minutes!! Awful service.

  • AudioAmerica Audio America (@AudioAmerica) reportó

    @FOREXcom not to worry about posting anything since anyone using your website can trade a damn thing... 3rd time on huge headline #s and you damn site crashes. i am so sick and tired of this and trusting you guys. 20yr+ options/forex trader here and i CANT TRADE! really really pathetic!

  • norinori246810 Nori (@norinori246810) reportó

    @FOREXcom Can't login

  • LTerrmong l. t. (@LTerrmong) reportó

    @FOREXcom Site must be down

  • forexjag Javier (@forexjag) reportó

    @FOREXcom What’s going on with the server??

  • Hubbub707 Stephen (@Hubbub707) reportó

    @FOREXcom site down for anyone else? I'm losing out on my trades here @FOREXcom and site not loading

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) reportó

    @cLeverEdge @FOREXcom Gold faling knife crash 994

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) reportó

    @cLeverEdge @FOREXcom Gold faling knife crash 980!!!

  • RichBlue18 Rich Blue (@RichBlue18) reportó

    @FOREXcom GBP crash.70!!!

  • takeprofit__ profit (@takeprofit__) reportó

    @FOREXcom Damn I’m in a sell

  • Ved03406530 Ved (@Ved03406530) reportó

    Hey @FOREXcom, how cool would it be to automate trades with @Capitalise_ai? Any way to support them in Canada ? #Code_Free_Trading_Automation

  • frank22946307 frank (@frank22946307) reportó

    @prettyloc_ida @FOREXcom If you have Instagram account you can just search @Trucybercare and send him message he's some Cybersecurity specialist all tech Account recovery it might be of help to you

  • frank22946307 frank (@frank22946307) reportó

    @marviyoso @FOREXcom If you have Instagram account you can just search @Trucybercare and send him message he's some Cybersecurity specialist all tech Account recovery it might be of help to you

  • prettyloc_ida Idaaa (@prettyloc_ida) reportó

    @FOREXcom please help asap 😢😢😢😢

  • prettyloc_ida Idaaa (@prettyloc_ida) reportó

    @FOREXcom website and app are down

  • prettyloc_ida Idaaa (@prettyloc_ida) reportó

    @FOREXcom fix the app please

  • prettyloc_ida Idaaa (@prettyloc_ida) reportó


  • TrendSurf3r TrendSurf3r (@TrendSurf3r) reportó

    @FOREXcom your iOS app and website are down. I’m losing money here. Fix it!!!

  • souljacozy ² جوديتشي (@souljacozy) reportó

    @FOREXcom fix ur ******* app and website you cheap *****

  • ICABankenWebb ICA Banken (@ICABankenWebb) reportó

    @RobertLindhol17 @FOREXcom Okey, well i cant answer thru Twitter why just you can´t get mobile BankID. So I urge you to call customer service again if you didn't resolve this via another bank instead. / Mats

  • ICABankenWebb ICA Banken (@ICABankenWebb) reportó

    @RobertLindhol17 @FOREXcom If you don't call customer service, please do so. So we can explain directly about your case. Here we can only answer in general terms./ Mats

  • ParkersRevenge John Parker (@ParkersRevenge) reportó

    @FOREXcom are you’re log in servers working..? Can’t log in. Says server error…