Mapa de Fallos de Cryptopia

El siguiente mapa de fallos muestra las ubicaciones más recientes en todo el mundo donde los usuarios de Cryptopia informaron sus problemas e interrupciones. Si tiene un problema con Cryptopia y su área no aparece en la lista, asegúrese de enviar un reporte.

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Cryptopia is una casa de cambio de cripto-monedas con sede en Nueva Zelandia. Cryptopia también ofrece mining pools y subastas.

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Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:

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Bhubaneshwar, OR 1

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Cryptopia Comentarios

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Reportes de Fallos de Cryptopia

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Mexatoshi (@Cryptomexa) reportó

    @CryptoTickers $chc $snov $bts $denarius $eqt and some other cryptopia complete garbage coins i can't remember

  • Qadeer Hussain (@qadqaz) reportó

    @LeePric06833864 I know someone who lost more than a million dollar to cryptopia exchange. In decentralised world nothing is impossible

  • RideTheSpiralARC (@RTS_ARC) reportó

    @Andrzej95125891 @OhhhNooo9 @electroneum No they really dont & most people cant send what they ask for. Oh you were mining and decided to convert to etn on cryptopia like countless people? Impossible to prove at that point, even with wallet showing mining payments cryptopia is gone with any record of peoples trades.

  • Crypt0_4ever (@4everCrypt0) reportó

    @BTCYN @jaygould Nice. Count me in for graduation. If you lost money in more than 1 exchange that failed then you have a masters. I have been hit by 4 different **** shows (gox,cryptopia,btc growth fund, gnr) so I'm a doctor now. Just chilling for the next 10 years so I can retire. 2030 btc=5m.

  • 🟩🔑🏰🌋 (@Alexover13) reportó

    @BlockChainCaffe @binance È diventato peggio di cryptopia Binance negli ultimi due anni… shitconery market, l’unica nota negativa è solo la prova che i mercati liberi vengono spesso bloccati. Mentre altre truffe evidenti non vengono toccate, in fin dei conti ogni azione nasce da interessi economici

  • Luk (@Luk41684228) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ Scammers...I you will have allot of problems in your poor and ugly life.. you are just a s.h.i.t. if you steal to poor people... Your future will be poor .all of you that work for cryptopia

  • SSVegeta (@VegetaCrypto) reportó

    @Cryptopuppet66 @electroneum And one more thing u puppet. Binance would never list this ****. They can see at out right scam many years ago lol.richard ells bin talking **** for years about exchanges. Only exchanges etn was listed on was the dodgiest ones about like top exchange will list this

  • Pumpasaurus 🧲🦖 (@Thatzcrypto1) reportó

    @KongBTC Someone gave me **** for having it in my bio, I told them they clearly never used Cryptopia

  • Crypto Hanuman (@crypto_hanuman) reportó

    @ItachiRahul Yeah, we didn't lose the funds. I mean I remember I wanted to use my funds for something else during that time, but since I couldn't withdraw, it was an issue. I have lost funds in coinsecure and cryptopia hacks as well.

  • factistruth (@factistruth1) reportó

    @GrantThorntonMT Where is my money that you hold from Cryptopia account? I have followed all the step but your not responding to your promises. I need to access to my crypto bag.

  • patrick smeets (@patricksmeets01) reportó

    @GrantThorntonNZ Former Cryptopia Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing Over $170,000 A former employee of the now-defunct New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has pleaded guilty of embezzling NZD 245,000 (US $172,000) worth of cryptocurrencies and stealing customer data.

  • Aliena Thia (@alienathiaPAST) reportó

    I think the creeps are keeping a specific coin under observation because they fear it due to its name, very very linear to that cryptopia that also took down because too much effective as a name.

  • Bonex Moses (@crypto_hustles) reportó

    @binance Cryptopia , an exchange site crashed and I lost all my savings

  • m. (@Eric81Nielsen) reportó

    @binance I was there when Cryptopia was the ****

  • ★ Noora ★ (@IamNoora) reportó

    so y’all think cryptopia will ever give us our **** back? they just sent us appeal forms and disappeared. 🥴

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