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CMC Markets es una empresa con sede en el Reino Unido que ofrece comercio en línea de acciones, apuestas diferenciadas, contratos por diferencia (CFD) y divisas en los mercados mundiales. CMC tiene su sede en Londres, con centros en Sydney y Singapur. Está listada en la Bolsa de Londres.

Problemas en las últimas 24 horas

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Gráfico de fallos de CMC Markets 05/18/2024 13:05

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Problemas Más Reportados

Los siguientes son los problemas más recientes informados por los usuarios de CMC Markets a través de nuestro sitio web.

  1. Login (62%)

    Login (62%)

  2. Plataforma de Trading (25%)

    Plataforma de Trading (25%)

  3. Website (13%)

    Website (13%)

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City Problem Type Report Time
GermanyMünster Login
GermanyWittenberge Login
FrancePerpignan Login
United KingdomBermondsey Plataforma de Trading
CanadaBarrie Plataforma de Trading
GermanyGießen Plataforma de Trading
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Reportes de Fallos de CMC Markets

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:

  • amanda57a amanda sweeney (@amanda57a) reportó

    @CMCMarkets customer services appalling this evening been a pro client for many years and been told not even a supervisor is available to speak to me... @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets

  • nick_allied nick smith (@nick_allied) reportó

    @CMCMarkets problems logging in again tonight, the weekends update didn’t go well then?

  • svamson Svamson (@svamson) reportó

    @CMCMarkets log in not working and password reset isn't working either. Can you sort this out asap pls

  • Chris_Kelly94 Chris Kelly (@Chris_Kelly94) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Give a margin call on certain stocks late Friday evening 2 hours before US close then your app goes down before Asia open 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • PeopLytics canberra_analytica (@PeopLytics) reportó

    Is there a decent stock trading platform that Australians can use to trade US stock. Being let down by the snail pace of @CMCMarkets

  • Rickpilk Rick Pilkington (@Rickpilk) reportó

    I need to find another trading platform. @CMCMarkets is a disgrace. Will cost you money. Nights are the worst. Platform just turns to ****. They dont care. Awful. Any recommendations on a fast reliable trading platform.

  • G7DailySignalUK G7 Daily Signals 🦁 (@G7DailySignalUK) reportó

    Platform of at least 1 major UK online broker has been down for over 1 hr . It is 1 of these 3. IGcom CMCMarkets CityIndex

  • nomediaman Nomediaman🙅🏻‍♂️ (@nomediaman) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Question?? Is there a way to save my support/Resistance lines on the app. Sorta tired of doing them only to lose them.

  • qamar_hussain1 Qamar Hussain (@qamar_hussain1) reportó

    @proactive_UK @CMCMarkets 1/1 Imagine how practical & "user-friendly" the #Forex platform would be if end-users were given the option & functionality to click on any Opening Position Arrow/s within the charts, move them in their respective direction, i.e. up or down with a silhouette type of caption that

  • NikkiSatmaka Nikki Satmaka (@NikkiSatmaka) reportó

    @mylesfdo @CMCMarkets Mine is down as well

  • mark_rafferty Mark Rafferty (@mark_rafferty) reportó desde Lisburn, Northern Ireland

    @CMCMarkets Everyone is so stupid it's the end of the world already.

  • _Cdott C🌊 (@_Cdott) reportó

    @CMCMarkets you guys down atm? I know my pw im inputting is 100% correct

  • Rickpilk Rick Pilkington (@Rickpilk) reportó

    Down goes the @CMCMarkets platform.....again. Christ i get sick of this.

  • mylesfdo Myles Phago (@mylesfdo) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Is app down?

  • qamar_hussain1 Qamar Hussain (@qamar_hussain1) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Terrible state of affairs

  • TraderDivergent The Divergent Trader┃Trading Money Freedom (@TraderDivergent) reportó

    DO NOT EVER USE @CMCMarkets They allowed someone to add a bank account and take out half of my funds. And now they are not returning the funds. As nothing suspicious has been recorded??? Been with them for years, zero customer loyalty! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Worse broker ever!

  • JakeDrw Jake Drew (@JakeDrw) reportó

    @CMCMarkets My $PIC hasn't changed to $XL after they changed ticker symbol. Why is your live support left me for nearly 45mins.

  • martinmills30 Martín Mills (@martinmills30) reportó

    What happened to CMC Stockbroking? The pro platform doesn't let me in since this morning and the web platform seems to be down now. @CMCMarkets

  • qamar_hussain1 Qamar Hussain (@qamar_hussain1) reportó

    @_Cdott @CMCMarkets I'm having the same problem

  • PeopLytics canberra_analytica (@PeopLytics) reportó

    @CMCMarkets you charge us good coin for your service. Can you please bring your service to be more reliable so we can trade international stock without getting let down by your platform

  • alaidi Ashraf Laidi (@alaidi) reportó

    Platform of at least 1 major UK online broker has been down for over 1 hr . I will not specify which. #unacceptable. It is 1 of these 3. @IGcom @CMCMarkets @CityIndex #forex

  • mylesfdo Myles Phago (@mylesfdo) reportó

    @CMCMarkets is actual app & platform all down? Positions and quotes not changed for about an hour now

  • tiatto1 Phil (@tiatto1) reportó

    @CMCMarkets @mhewson_CMC He’s not done too bad actually, got a few goals too 🤪

  • MaKza Em (@MaKza) reportó

    @OptionsHawk @CMCMarkets CMC isn't working well they often put down charts when the US opens or like now at a meeting I'm thinking of quitting them. I can't even lay an order because they log me out. I cant recommend them.

  • Ledaannshaw2 XRPgal (@Ledaannshaw2) reportó

    @CMCMarkets @OptionsHawk How come crypto has seized up on your platform?!? live help? Just as xrp was making a move!

  • andrelondonuk Risk On (@andrelondonuk) reportó

    @_Cdott @CMCMarkets I am having the same issue and the phone lines are saying their closed wtf

  • MadnessDemand Demand Madness (@MadnessDemand) reportó

    @CMCMarkets why cant i login to my account

  • mhewson_CMC Michael Hewson 🇬🇧 (@mhewson_CMC) reportó

    @UreshP @CMCMarkets hi mate - certainly looks like it - a bad tick mate

  • andrelondonuk Risk On (@andrelondonuk) reportó

    @CMCMarkets can you get your sort the log on issues also take the we are closed off your telephone answering machine.

  • ALotfi25 Ahmed (@ALotfi25) reportó

    @CMCMarkets contacted your team today inquiring why it’s been more than a week and my dividend hasn’t arrived yet & their response was it’s our holding office in the US and we can’t do anything about it. Definitely not what you would expect from a broker? No service much?