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GDAX es una casa de cambio de criptomonedas que ofrece a las instituciones y profesionales la capacidad de comerciar con una variedad de monedas digitales como Bitcoin, Ethereum y más en un intercambio regulado basado en los EE. UU. GDAX es propiedad y está operado por Coinbase.

Lugares Más Afectados de GDAX

Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:

Lugar Reportes
Gurgaon, HR 2
New York City, NY 1
Wandsworth, England 1
Guarulhos, SP 1
Eugene, OR 1
Norman, OK 1

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GDAX Comentarios

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Reportes de Fallos de GDAX

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • AIM Buster (@AIM_Buster) reportó

    $LTC $LTCUSD currently at 25.60 (GDAX). I think price about to get smashed down towards (iii) in next 24-48 hrs (see earlier $LTC chart i posted)

  • ragingbull (@olseiler) reportó

    @paddystash @CM_X_CM @CryptoWithMe @cryptospaced Wick down on Gdax. Gnarly...

  • Richard Win (@rickwinphilly) reportó

    @SatoshiLite @gdax So what @SatoshiLite is saying, don't be surprised if this Market goes down more. I bought at 250. Still buying on the way down and HODLING these coins. Love honesty

  • iXcoin (@Vlad_Roberto) reportó

    @SatoshiLite @gdax Meh. LTC will probably drop below $20 but it will rebound to $1500+ next year. Start BUYING at $25 and keep averaging down. ;)

  • Bitcoinman (@Bitcoinlanding) reportó

    Wonder how many other people have decided this is a pretty good risk/reward point for #ethereum and started buying with fiat 110. Feel good about averaging from here down. #bitcoin #coinbase #gdax

  • KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reportó

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 4136.702 to 3966.27 USD by 4.12% in 10 mins at #GDAX.

  • Felonious Farnsworth (@felfarns) reportó

    @bitconsultLLC @cultycove I wish I had record of the convo I had with a guy after I found out he was swinging ~$200k on Coinbase (not GDAX). Sat him down, showed him how to move his money to GDAX and place limit orders, 'cause no fees, duh. "I'm just going to keep doing what I have been." 😟

  • bitcoinisgoingto171 (@bitcoinisgoing1) reportó

    GDAX low 4035. I don’t know if that’s good/close enough. I suspect it is not. Therefore, leaving things as they are. BIGGER ISSUE for bovies, the longer we drag this out the deeper the undershoot... #bitcoin #hodl #btc

  • Troy (@Troy29960948) reportó

    @davidgokhshtein They are pushing it down to Sell into buying is the name of the game tgt 4600+/- possibly 4200+/- by EOW  Bitfinex add 100pts for tgts in Bitmex/Gdax. It’s screwed.

  • Troy (@Troy29960948) reportó

    They are pushing Btc down to $4,000 range buckle up Sell into buying is the name of the game tgt 4600+/- possibly 4200+/- by EOW  Bitfinex add 100pts for tgts in Bitmex/Gdax. Why we need to end Btc or Decouple from it.

  • RonG (@RonaldLGibbs) reportó

    @Nicholas_Merten @CoinbasePro Mine went straight from GDAX to ConbasePro no problem. Only grip I have is waiting 6 days for money to transfer in from my bank account. I've never transferred out yet so I have no feedback there.

  • John's Stock Notes (@SebastiantwJohn) reportó

    @Ianbins @CryptoAmb Gdax is down today for wallet maintenance

  • Crypto Marcus (@cryptmarcus) reportó

    @coinjunky @flibbr As I can recall this was a price glitch, most likely due to order book error of coinbase and GDAX, but you are right some people probably bought at this price, can't remember how it was fixed tho.

  • Han Soldlow (@HanSoldlow) reportó

    @Bleeding_Crypto @binance There have been so many scheduled down times for binance and even larger exchagnes like gdax (coinbase pro now). This always happens, just hang on, you're not missing anything. Don't make any panicky decisions when trading resumes it all settles out nicely.

  • Greg Wester (@gwestr) reportó desde Guarulhos, São Paulo

    @GerberKawasaki Producers in China have colluded with several global exchanges to fix prices slightly above mining cost. The breakdown of this manipulated trend is going to render many legitimate exchanges, like Coinbase and GDAX, completely insolvent and unable to facilitate redemptions.

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